Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living without Electricity

Twice in the last 3 months we've spent a week without electricity, once when hurricane Irine hit in August, and again in Oct when we got a very early snow storm that took down a lot of trees.

Both time is took eight days for JCP&L to restore power, we are the last house on our street serviced by JCP&L, our neighbors get their electricity from PSE&G and were back after only a day or two each time.

During those weeks the Volt preformed great, we didn't plug it in and only got 40mpg but it drove for 500+ miles without electricity when we needed it. We even used the built in DVD player to watch movies, and the USB plug to charge our phones.

The Volt is literally two cars in one, an electric car for great fuel economy and a gas car when needed, if only it could be a electric generator to power our house when the power is out.


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