Monday, August 16, 2010


I've been interested in the Chevy Volt for a long time, since well before I even heard of the MINI E. It's an Electric car with a battery and motor, but it also has a Gas Engine for long drives, the first 40 miles it is powered completely by electricity, after that the Gas motor kicks in giving it a total range of 340 miles.
The idea being that 78% of Americans drive less then 40 miles a day, so for most of your daily driving you never even need to burn a drop of Gas, but if you want to drive further the Volt will keep going in Gas mode, you dont need to have two cars a Gas and an Electric.
It's been developed by General Motors and while many people tend to look down on Americian Cars, I've done a good bit of research and have come to believe that the quality of GM and Ford cars is now on par with their foreign  rivals.
During the development process of the Volt GM has been very open allowing the public a rare glimpse in to all thats involved in bringing a new Car with a completely unique powertrain to market. The Volt may be the most tested car every produced.
About a month ago I put down a deposit on a Red Volt, I am number one on the dealers list, and hope he will be one of the first dealerships to recieve the Volt this November. GM called me last week to verify that my order is in their system, but no word yet on when it will go into production.
I am really looking forward to driving an Electric car again, I miss my MINI E, it was fun to drive, very smooth, and quiet.

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Blog Site

Welcome to my new blog site
While My old blog focused on my MINI E experiances during the past year, I decided I wanted to keep on blogging even though I no longer have the MINI E. So I created this new blog site focusing on all things related to Driving Electric.

I've also copied over all my old blog entries from my great days with the MINI E