Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ordered a New Volt

On Tuesday Volt #593 arrived in Newark NJ it should be at the Chevrolet of Jersey City tomorrow, but I wont be getting it. The Dealership marked up the price of the Car by $1500 at the last minute, they've been frustrating to deal with and very low on GM's list so they havent recieved any Volts while other Dealerships in NJ have recieved many.

I called arround to a number of dealerships and got a lot of help from my Chevrolet Volt Advisor, he was able to track down which dealerships had cars in production that matched what I was looking for. He even found one Dealership with a Red Volt in their lot ready to sell, only it didnt have heated seats.

In all we found 7 dealerships in my area with Volts available and only charging MSRP. I put a deposit down with Crane Chevrolet for a Red Volt, with black Leather heated seats, dark trim, Parking Assit, and Polished wheels, just like my original order that they already had in production, for MSRP. It is due to be produced the week of 1/17/11 so I should receive it in early February.

So I have another delay, but I feel more comfortable about my order now, I'll be receiving the Volt I really wanted at a price I'm comfortable with (well almost, really wanted a bright Green one like the Green Camaro, but GM isnt painting them that color)

Mostly I want to say a Big Thank You to my Volt Advisor Micheal, he really went the extra mile to find the Volt I wanted.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

May not be getting the car I have been waiting for

Well my car is almost here, but there's a problem. I called the dealership Chevrolet of Jersey City and spoke to my salesperson, I wanted to see if it was possible to complete the  order before the end of the year. He said it was and we started to do the paperwork over the phone.

Then the bombshell, they wanted $1500 over MSRP, if you've been following my interest in the Volt, you'll know I had a very hard time getting them to set  a firm price for the car, finally they gave me a price that was $535 over MSRP and I thought the issue was settled. Now the dealer is saying he doesnt remember giving me that price, I sent them the paper he wrote it on and he said that isnt his  handwritting. anyway I'm upset, and we didnt finish the order before the end of the year meaning it will be spring of 2012 before I get the Federal tax credit back. I also have a deposit with Englewood Chevrolet, as my backup and they told me I could  have first pick of the dealer cars they are getting in in a couple weeks at MSRP, but none of them are  Red with Heated seats (what I most want)

So now I'm stuck, do I buy the car I've been waiting for for the last 6 months, from a dealership I dont trust at a price I dont feel is right. Or do I buy a car that may not be exactly what I want from a the same dealership Lyle used, that seems to have been very upfront with me. Or do I go through the order process again, this time with a good dealership, and get the car around March.

Anyone know of a dealership in the NYC area selling a Red Volt with heated seats, for MSRP?