Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3000 miles and rolling

Just passed 3000 miles driving my Chevy Volt, and its been great, my daily driving to and from work usually uses no gas at all. when I first got the Volt I was getting about 35 miles to a charge, but now that its warmed up I'm regularly getting 45 miles to a charge, which is more then I need most days.
Onstar sent me a report showing that I've driven 2054 electric miles and 1066 gas miles with a combined 106 mpg.
Going forward my commute is about to increase, I will be selling my house in another week and my Wife and I just bought a new place that is half way in between where we both work, which will mean a daily commute of 80 miles, I'm expecting to use a little over a Gallon of gas a day, with my combined mpg dropping to 75, as I'll be driving all electric to work and all gas home. Someday I hope to convince my Company to install charging stations at work, even if I have to pay a premium of double the going rate for electricity it will be worth it plugging in at work, but I've gotten a lot of resistance to this so far, and until I get a VP or someone high up in the company to push this its just not going to happen.
But lack of charging stations where needed is one of the reasons I went with the Volt over a pure electric, once there are charging stations at work, and the Rockaway Mall (where I meet my friends regularly) I'll probably be looking at a Electric car more seriously

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